Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (INDIA)

CSIR - CFTRI Campus, Mysuru - 570020, Karnataka, INDIA


Who can be a member ? 

Membership is open to graduates and diploma holders in Food Science, Technology and Engineering and to those engaged in the profession. As per the option exercised, each member will receive print copy of Indian Food Industry (IFI MAG) & online JFST.

PAYMENT Details:  DD / Cheque : in favour of AFST(I) Mysuru.  Electronic Transfer (NEFT):  A/c: 36903080893, State Bank of India, CFTRI Branch, CSIR-CFTRI campus, Mysuru, Karnataka, India. IFSC Code: SBIN0040055 : CLICK here: Guidelines for Payment Methods


AFST(I) Life Membership Drive 2020

Rs. 7000/- From 10-Feb-2020 to 10-May-2020

Apply Online


 Annual Members Renewal NOTE    ||    Renewal of AFST(I) Membership Form- 2020           

At top of the page Click on the Category of Membership tab and choose the Corporate Member and click on Apply online.

AFST(I) Corporate Membership Drive

Corporate Membership Benefits 

  • 25% discount on advertisement in INDIAN FOOD INDUSTRY Mag.
  • The Membership valid from January to December each year.
  • Representation in Editorial board of Indian Food Industry Mag.
  • Discount in Event registration fee of ICFoST / IFCoN.
  • Discount in Stall charges of Food Expo at various events of AFST(I).
  • Logo display on website of AFST(I).
  • Corporate portal on website to publicize their events (4-5 lines brief and photograph of the event).
  • Free Subscription to Indian Food Industry Magazine.
  • Voting right to elect Central Executive Committee of AFST(I).

Corporate Membership Fee

1 Year Rs. 25,000/-

5 Years Rs. 1,00,000/-

25 Years Rs. 5,00,000/-

Be a part of the largest and strongest Association of Food Scientists and Technologists in India and get connected directly to Network of Food Professionals.


AFST(I) Diamond Jubilee Life Membership Drive: - is closed...

Membership Benefits

  • Members will receive Print copy of Indian Food Industry Mag (IFI Mag), and online access to Journal of Food Science and Technology (JFST).
  • Voting rights to elect Chief Executive Committee  (CEC) of AFST(I) online and compete for the various offices of AFST(I) except Student and Affiliate members. 
  • Discounted rates for AFST(I) events like IFCoN and ICFoST.
  • Be a part of the largest and strongest Association of Food Scientists and Technologists in India.
  • And many other professional benefits like backing of a Network of Food Professionals worldwide.



Categories of Membership

Full Member

Life Member

Affiliate Member

Student Member

Corporate Member

Membership Clauses

  • For Renewal attestation and admission fee is not required
  • STUDENT Membership is for 2 years

  • For Student Member endorsement by HOD required
  • Life Membership for 20 years
  • PhD Scholar should apply for Full Membership only
  • Membership period is from January to December

  • For Members (from India) who apply directly for Life membership pay Rs. 11446/- (Incl. of 2 yrs full membership fee) 
  • "Indian Food Industry Mag will be supplied to the members from the month of acceptance of their Membership".

Supporting Documents

Life Membership, Full Membership Applicants : Must upload the 2 types of Supporting Documents (both Mandatory)
 1) Endorsement from 2 Life Members - Mandatory 
 2) Self Attested Degree Certificate - Mandatory (Pertaining to basic Science Degree related to Food Science & Technology and its Allied Subjects.)
Affiliate Membership Applicants : Must upload the 2 types of Supporting documents: (both Mandatory)
 1) Endorsement from 2 Life Members is Mandatory 
 2) Self Attested any Degree Certificate is Mandatory  (Working for the Food Science/ Food Technology/Food Engineering /Food Industries and its allied subjects)
Students Membership Applicants : 
Must Endorsement by Head of the Department / Institution with Seal and Signature also with the Students Course Name and Academic Year.

Membership Checklist

  • Application form should be completely filled.
  • Life and Full Membership applicants : Endorsement by the Two AFST(I) Life Members AND Self attested copy of degree Certificate is compulsory.
  • Student Membership Applicants : Endorsement by Head of the Department / Institution with Seal and Signature also with the Students Course Name and Academic Year is compulsory.
  • DD/Cheque should be drawn in favour of AFST(I) payable at Mysore.
  • The Revised Membership Fee is inclusive of Goods and Service Tax (GST ... 18%) w.e.f. 1st July, 2017

  • Admission Fee with every new membership.
  • Apply online Membership is compulsory.
  • Ph.D. Scholar Students/Research Fellows are not considered as Student Members, but eligible as Full Members. 
  • Students and Affiliate Members are not eligible for Life Membership.
  • Annual memberships [Full, Affiliate, Corporate and Students (students after 2 yrs term)] expire on at end of December every year.  Student members who have completed their 2 years term will have to renew as full member in case if they have completed their studies. Or Student Members who wish to continue in the same category need to enclose a letter from the Head of their Institution certifying the bona fides of the claim and send to
  • Renewal Procedure: Members who want to renew may please visit our website ( and register membership online and while filling the payment details, take Offline Payment option and fill it with details of DD/Cheque or NEFT with date and submit to complete renewal formalities and also send the payment details to as mentioning the subject Towards Renewal of Membership.